Super Team

Our Story

When Tania Del Matto and Linda Varangu set out to create a new organization focused on sustainability in 2007, they wanted to make a difference. After working as advocates for sustainable production for many years, it was clear to both of them that a sustainable marketplace must be built around sustainable products, services, and consumption patterns, not just sustainable industrial processes.

So what made them take the leap and start a new national not-for-profit organization from scratch?

They were driven by the "chicken-and-egg" dilemma in the marketplace. Producers said they would make more sustainable products and services... if consumers would vote with their dollars and purchase them. Consumers said they would buy more sustainable products and services... if producers would make them easy to find and their advantages simple to understand. Obviously, the path to sustainable consumption was difficult for both stakeholder groups.

Hence the creation of My Sustainable Canada, to serve as an engaging, national voice for sustainable consumption with the mandate to help people and organizations make more sustainable choices.

My Sustainable Canada has pursued this goal for five years with notable success. It will continue to do so with Tania at the helm as Executive Director. At the end of 2012, Linda left MSC in order to help build another socially-conscious non-profit organization, the Canadian Coalition for Green Healthcare.