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Our Services

Conduct Research:  We engage in research and policy development on how best to educate and equip people and organizations to deal with sustainable consumption issues in the marketplace.  This research ranges in scale from examining what individual consumers face in retail stores to how people in larger organizations procure goods and services.   As questions arise in our work, we engage our academic partners, who are studying the barriers and opportunities to socially and environmentally conscious purchasing, to help us explore the situation.  These partnerships nurture our critical thinking, hold us accountable to rigorous methodologies, and push our work to the forefront of current research in sustainability.

Design & Deliver Sustainability Programs:  From energy conservation schemes to refreshing a food procurement strategy, MSC designs and delivers behaviour change programs that embed sustainability into organizations, so that socially and environmentally conscious decision-making becomes the easy choice. 

Create Decision-Making and Measurement Tools:  We develop tools to help people and organizations identify and evaluate opportunities to make more sustainable choices in the marketplace.  We also provide data collection services that help track and measure the impacts of projects and programs. 

Facilitate Workshops & Learning:  We believe a well-timed workshop unlocks discovery, cooperation, and innovation.  From inception to facilitation, we work with our partners to design sessions to help organizations advance their sustainability goals, while catering to the curiosities, organizational culture, and learning styles of their team.  These workshops help people develop their environmental literacy and ignite their commitment to sustainability. 

Deliver TalksMSC staff will give thematic talks to enliven events on a host of sustainability issues.  Whether motivating a hungry group at lunch, drumming up support for an existing project, or exciting people about a new project, MSC can help organizations see the humour, urgency, and joy in sustainability.