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Join the researchers and practitioners throughout Canada, who are involved in numerous activities that seek to further our basic understanding of sustainable consumption and are encouraging citizens to be mindful consumers. A major challenge lies in bringing these activities together to bridge the gaps in knowledge, cooperation and vision on sustainable consumption. There is also a need to build greater understanding and support among the wider public, media and decision-makers. My Sustainable Canada’s Sustainable Consumption Community will bridge these gaps. Membership in this community provides the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the current state of policy and research on consumer behaviour and sustainable consumption in Canada.
  • Connect with researchers, practitioners, managers and policy-makers that are undertaking work to reduce the use of natural resources and toxins, as well as reduce air and energy related emissions associated with consumer activities.
  • Exchange information on strategies, programs and tools that could influence a greater number of consumers towards incorporating sustainability into their purchasing decisions.
  • Stay informed on sustainable consumption in Canada and around the world by subscribing to updates from My Sustainable Canada’s E-Bulletin.