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Call for Transparency at Canadian-European Trade Negotiations (CETA)

The Government of Canada and the European Union (EU) are currently negotiating a new free trade agreement, called the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). CETA would provide the EU with unrestricted access to Canadian municipal procurement, meaning municipalities could not favour locally produced goods and services over European goods and services.

CETA will have broader and deeper implications than NAFTA or WTO trade agreements, within which municipalities were shielded. There is growing concern that the agreement will: diminish municipalities’ purchasing power and ability to invest locally; hurt Canadian farmers and workers; freeze climate change and environmental policy development; and threaten public water systems. My Sustainable Canada believes strongly in ‘buy local’ purchasing policies, and the potential impacts to local food procurement are especially cause for concern.

These negotiations are occurring behind closed doors, with limited public involvement. A lack of transparency makes it difficult to determine what the true benefits or ramifications of this agreement might be. My Sustainable Canada strongly encourages both the Government of Canada, and all concerned citizens, to pursue avenues for open dialogue on the CETA.

Avenues for voicing your concerns are provided below (additional information can also be found through these links):

    1. The Council of Canadians encourages citizens to print off and circulate a petition, found here:

    2. There is also an online petition, found here:

    3. Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada encourage citizens to send any questions or concerns to their contact point, here: