Super Team


We believe that working with a diversity of organizations spurs innovative ideas and solutions. We work with players across supply chains, industries, sectors, communities and academic disciplines to build mutually beneficial partnerships that bridge gaps in understanding and help all partners to embed sustainability in the work they do. Listed below are the partnerships we are involved in.

Our Academic Partners: By collaborating with academics, we can pool skills, knowledge and experience to carry out innovative research projects that address real needs in sustainability. We're also keen to provide students or recent grads with an opportunity to put their studies to practice, by involving them in research projects, conference presentations and opportunities for publishing journal articles.

Leveraging the Buying Power of Public Institutions: There are a lot of dollars being spent on goods and services in health care, schools, campuses, and correctional facilities. My Sustainable Canada works with these facilities to establish a baseline of what is currently being purchased and identify what opportunities there are to shift some of these purchases towards more local and sustainable products/services.

Helping Retailers Enhance the Green Shopping Experience: Consumers assert they have trouble finding sustainable products because of confusion at the point of purchase. There are many untapped opportunities for retailers to connect consumers with sustainable products in a more relevant way. My Sustainable Canada can help retail stores and sales associates enhance the green shopping experience and build customer rapport, by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to effectively support consumers that are seeking environmental performance information on products.

Achieving Collective Impact through Government Partnerships: When federal and provincial government departments undertake policy work pertaining to the sustainable marketplace, we are often called upon to bring the consumer perspective. We're also a willing partner to explore the opportunities to improve the engagement in existing government-led sustainability programs, or collaborate on the creation of new initiatives.

Piloting Innovative Approaches at the Local Level: At My Sustainable Canada we recognize that communities and municipal governments are tapped into the needs and aspirations of their citizens yet require help in engaging and leading their citizenry along the journey towards sustainability. We enjoy working at the local level, piloting social innovations and then taking the lessons learned from the pilot phase to a broader scale.

Adopting Sustainable Business Best Practices: In the world of eco-business, consumers are weary of green claims. Help anchor those claims in credible third-party research and partnerships, and you're on your way to strengthening your brand. We'll help your business make measurable strides in sustainability performance that you can share in digestible bites with your customers.

Pooling Resources with other NGOs: It's not always easy running a non-profit, is it?! Under-resourced, under-staffed, running on passion and caffeine! But there is power in numbers and collaboration, and My Sustainable Canada is a believer in the power of meaningful partnerships. Matching complementary strengths and pairing under-used resources helps us foster synergies that keep our costs low and the quality of our work high.