Super Team


"I have had the pleasure of working with Tania Del Matto on three projects that she has executed with a high level of creative thinking, team management skills and a fine eye for detail for both the project objectives and full financial management. She delivers professional outcomes and writes reports that are a pleasure to read." Lynda Harvey, Senior Manager at Natural Resources Canada (Fleet Vehicle Programs)  May, 2011



"The meeting My Sustainable Canada organized and facilitated in Burlington was very valuable to us personally as I am sure it was to the health care facilities that are looking to procure more local food. It seems that we certainly offer products that these institutions have difficulty sourcing. We have decided to refocus our business because of our initial successes. That is a major change financially for us as we are investing in this idea quite quickly and willingly I might add. So, thank you for taking the mystery out of this avenue for us. We hope for you to hear more about our company in the future doing much needed work for this industry which we would like to help." Kevin Stemmler, Stemmler Meats  March, 2012


"Early in the role I was introduced to Hayley Lapalme, from My Sustainable Canada and quickly realized her and a team of people were working on a similar project. We shared so much information with great enthusiasm, knowing that we all had a similar goal. MSC made introductions with other local champions and sharing information allowed us to identify similar barriers that once identified could be converted to opportunities by delivering best practices, policies and procedures. With Hayley's assistance we developed best practices on how to gather the information from suppliers and how to present it in a meaningful manner. Hayley provided a global focus with facts and figures, and this connection helped us to pull the project into perspective at the local level. I was fortunate to make this connection so early in the project." Annette Carroll, University of Waterloo Food Service's Sustainable Food Coordinator  July, 2012


"As an academic that now has an administrative position, the time that I can devote to research is now less than it used to be and working with a partner organization like My Sustainable Canada allows me to get the research done without having to do the research myself. I am involved in the input and the research design process and then My Sustainable Canada does the data collection and brings the results back to me. We're able to turn the results into reports or academic papers/articles in a lot shorter period of time then I would be otherwise able to on my own. " Jennifer Lynes, PhD (Director, Environment and Business at the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development – University of Waterloo) – February, 2012

"As a researcher, you can only take on so many research projects. In working with My Sustainable Canada they take on most of the leg-work and I can bring in my expertise in terms of how to design a study. Through this collaboration the strengths of different people are used and that's a great thing. So by working with a community partner, I know that the research results will easily go out into the community and are being used, rather than sitting on a shelf and we hope somebody by luck will find the results." Manuel Riemer, PhD (Director, Community, Environment and Justice Research Group at Wilfrid Laurier University) – April 2012


"My Sustainable Canada has been wonderful to work for. They provide a lot of guidance and support and perhaps most beneficial is that they provide a lot of trust. They trust in my research skills and knowledge that I bring to the organization and I do hope to have a long and successful working relationship with My Sustainable Canada. " Michelle Rutty, PhD candidate (Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change, University of Waterloo)  April 2012

"I reached out to My Sustainable Canada to have a discussion about sustainable consumption and consumer behavior. I was looking for input on how to help consumers make more sustainable shopping decisions, and how to help retail business in this process. Out of our conversation, I now have a better understanding of consumer needs in regards to sustainable consumption." Olivier Bourgeois (Option Consommateurs)  February 2013