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Engine Idling Reduction Program for Ski Resorts

As chair of the Ontario Snow Resorts Association (OSRA)'s Environmental Best Practices Taskforce since 2003, MSC develops initiatives that promote sustainable behaviours among the ski and snowboard community.  With the support of Natural Resources Canada’s FleetSmart Program, the Taskforce has recently developed a program that offers ski resorts the opportunity to improve air quality, save fuel, reduce noise and reduce climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions by undertaking initiatives that reduce engine idling practices among ski resort staff (i.e. vans, trucks, snowmobiles and other fleet) and visiting drivers (i.e. vans, highway trucks, school buses, motor coaches and other fleet).

During the 2008-2009 ski season, My Sustainable Canada and its partners successfully piloted the Engine Idling Reduction Program. Key accomplishments include:

  • Reduction in GHG emissions by 6% to 49% across idle-free zones
  • Reached 126,000 drivers and guests as well as 1,200 ski resort staff through various actions (e.g. signage, parking passes, parking lot awareness campaigns, driver surveys, newsletters and driver incentives)
  • Monitored behaviour of 6,094 personal vehicles, 255 motor coaches and school buses, and 149 freight with assistance from students and community members.