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Diesel Retrofit Pilot Program for School Buses in Peel and Halton Regions

My Sustainable Canada assisted Environment Canada on a pilot project that oversaw diesel retrofits for school buses in Halton and Peel Regions. Through this pilot, two school bus companies servicing school boards in Halton and Peel Regions had up to eight school buses retrofitted with one or both types of EPA-verifed retrofit technologies: Diesel Oxidation Catalysts; and Closed Crankcase Ventilation units.

Only older school buses with a significant remaining service life were selected for the retrofit pilot. Throughout the course of this retrofit, Environment Canada has gained a better understanding of both the benefits and barriers to implemenitng large scale school bus diesel retofits across the province and the country.

Click here to watch a video produced by DADA, featuring Kimberly Perrotta, Senior Advisor at the Clean Air Partnership and Executive Director at CHASE (Creating Healthy & Sustainable Environments), and Linda Varangu, Director at My Sustainable Canada, describing ways to address harmful school bus emissions.


Click here to view a fact sheet on school bus retrofits for parents and teachers, produced by CHASE.