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Engagement of Small-Medium Enterprises in the Chemicals Management Plan

Engagement of Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP)

SMEs face unique challenges related to toxics awareness and engagement. Governments who wish to engage small businesses in toxics regulations, education and awareness programs will need to use approaches that go beyond those used with larger businesses, and develop tools specifically designed to minimize effort and confusion. Toxic chemicals are becoming a global concern; as such, SMEs will be influenced and made aware of toxic initiatives through numerous sources, including: their network of suppliers and customers, their community and family, cultural events and activities, government initiatives and business associations and their support programs. By initiating joint efforts between the three levels of government to communicate with SMEs on toxics now, SMEs will become better aware and prepared to respond to toxics initiatives from all levels of government.

My Sustainable Canada completed a study to provide Health Canada with a better understanding how to best engage SMEs in CMP, with the intent of increasing awareness and compliance within this subject community.