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Consume This: Buying That Matters

For the first time in Canada material on this topic has been compiled specifically for youth between 14 and 18 years old.

“Consume This – Buying That Matters” is a 40 page booklet with many illustrative graphics. Issues addressed in the booklet, including; resource conservation, consumer behavior, and environmentally-friendly production; are presented in a manner relevant to teens. Examples such as “The Life-Cycle of a T-Shirt”, “What’s in a Soccer Ball”, and “How to Pack a Litterless Lunch” introduce young people to the concept of sustainable consumption using a practical and relevant approach.

The information and resources provided in the booklet help to raise awareness among youth about the effects that their choices have on the environment. By illustrating simple ways to reduce personal environmental impacts we hope the booklet will empower youth to participate in sustainable consumption activities in their own lives and in their communities.