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Environmental Best Practices Manual


The Ontario Snow Resorts Association has actively been promoting environmental practices to its membership since 2003 through the creation of the OSRA Environmental Best Practices Taskforce.  The taskforce serves as a forum on issues related to environmental sustainability, where ski resort operators can exchange information on best practices and work collaboratively with one another and with other partners to prevent pollution locally and regionally.  The actions of the taskforce are led and facilitated by My Sustainable Canada, a national not-for-profit organization. 

Since 2003, the taskforce has rendered several accomplishments including the development of an environmental performance chapter within OSRA’s Best Management Practices Manual.  The chapter includes best practices regarding: water use and conservation, energy use and conservation, waste management, and green purchasing.   The taskforce has also facilitated the delivery of several successful workshops on topics related to energy use and conservation as well as green purchasing. 

The best practices documents for energy conservation, water conservation, waste management and green purchasing were originally created in 2004, but were more recently updated in 2013.