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Tracking Driver Behaviour and Fuel Consumption Among Ski Resort Fleets

My Sustainable Canada, the Centre for Sustainable Transportation, along with a research team from the University of Waterloo are helping Blue Mountain Resort, Horseshoe Resort and Glen Eden Ski and Snowboard Centre discover how much fuel their vehicle fleet uses and how they can save money and help the environment through eco-driving and maintenance practices. Over 30 vehicle monitoring devices were installed among light and medium duty vehicles at the 3 ski resorts. These devices measure trip-time, distance, average speed, fuel use, idling time and other driver behaviours. This two year research project will serve as a complimentary component to the Ontario Snow Resorts Association’s Engine Idling Reduction Program.

In addition, My Sustainable Canada, with help from researchers at the University of Waterloo, are tracking summer driver behaviour in fleet vehicles at Blue Mountain Resort.  This research looks to understand the relationship between weather, driver behaviour, fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with operating light and medium duty vehicles within the resort fleet during winter and summer months when vehicle monitoring technologies are deployed.  It is thought that weather (extreme cold in winter and heat in summer) leads to increased instances and duration of vehicle idling.  This research aims to characterize driver behaviour in relation to weather conditions.