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Eco-Gamification: 'Playing' our way to a sustainable future

Gamification is an emerging concept that leverages the principles of gaming to engage people in activities where engagement has been traditionally difficult to achieve. One area where engagement has been especially difficult is pro-environmental action. Gamification can help in this space for a number of reasons. One, the elements of games that make them fun can be used to engage people in new issues and activities. Second, many new gamified approaches to engagement utilize social media and new technologies. These platforms provide the opportunity for extensive networking, data collection, and data representation. This allows people to connect, share, collaborate, and visualize our collective impacts. Third, educational elements can be built into gaming platforms, increasing a user's perceived ability to change their behaviour. If perceived ability and motivation to change are both high, then all that's needed to elicit behaviour changes are effective triggers. These can range from conventional triggers like marketing campaigns, emails, and Facebook notifications, to more elaborate solutions like those presented in the health gaming space by Nike+ and the Jawbone UP Band.

Explore how 'eco-gamification' can be a powerful tool for encouraging and increasing participation in sustainable behaviours. Join us in an engaging session with Peter Corbyn, the Chief of Green at One Million Acts of Green. Peter will introduce his platform and discuss how he partnered with CBC and Cisco Systems for the award winning One Million Acts of Green campaign. Through this campaign, Canadians committed more than 1.8 Million acts of green in less than eight months, and an additional 2 Million acts of green in the U.S. and South Korea in subsequent months, for a total of about 4 Million Acts of Green to date.




This webinar originally took place on June 27, 2013.

For $10 CAD you can access a password-protected video (audio and video recording) of the webinar.